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Princess Tebride
21 August 1987
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So, I decided to re-do my bio.

Basic Info;

I'm Rebecca. Hello. I used to live in Guisborough until 2005. Then I moved away for uni. I went to Sacred Heart until 03, Prior until 05, and now I'm at Northumbria Uni in Newcastle. I'm now in my second year, again, on account of getting far too friendly with the hospital this year, and I'm STILL doing Politics and Sociology, which is sometimes as dull as it sounds, but it sometimes suprises me. Vyer occasionally.
I live with Ian, the hubby, in a tiny little pit village just outside Chester-le-Street called Pelton. It's scummy and rough, but relatively cheap rent and a pretty nice house.
We have a kitten called Muppet (because she is), who likes to chew everything, including arms, legs and toes. And Ian's nose quite often.
I was born 21st August 1987, so I'm the baby of the year group, which always sucked, but now I'm over 18, I don't mind.
I work in a pub called 'The Duke of Wellington' in Newcastle, which serves real ale, and is pretty scruffy, but it pays the rent, and I get regular tips of regulars.
I'm regularly in hospital, because I am in fact falling to pieces.

Leisure activities; I like going to clubs, and gigs. I'm really into all sorts of music, but generally rocky stuff is my favourite. My music taste is a bit skitzo actually; my favourite stuff is metal and folk. But there we go. I used to go to Leo's in Redcar as often as possible, but now it's shut, and Silks just doesn't compare. *sniff*. If I go out in Newcastle, which is pretty rare on account of no money, the odds are I'll be in the Duke, scamming a many free drinks as possible, or The Goose, where everything is cheap anyway. And then Legends.
My life was inextricably linked to The Courtyard (in Guisborough) in one form or another. I swear, I've spent the last 3 years of my life in and around that pub. It got silly. Now, I miss it lots.
I like reading, but not as much as I used to, which makes me sad, although I have been consuming fantasy books at a rate of knots for the last little while, which makes me happier.
I like fantasy escapey type books, and stuff that makes you go all *gooey* and etheral and spiritual and stuff. I'm really into Katherine Kerr at the minute.
Depending on what time of the year it is, I also like walking... Again, for all the *spiritually stuff*

Good Points
I try to be a good friend...
I try to listen and give advice
I'm kinda fun to be around. Or I think so at least. Well, some of the time.
I can be mature AND immature, and kinda get the balence right for the right situation.
I'm relatively intelligent.
I'm imaginative.

Bad Habits;
I dislike being alone, which means I can be really quite clingy at times.
I can be quite self obsessed at times too, which I also get paranoid about, which makes me more self-obsessed.
I have a superiority complex, whilst having an inferiority complex.
I procrastinate really badly. Like right now. And again. I'm still procrastinating...
I get bored easily, so I constantly flutter about.
I'm a messy bastard... I don't mean to be, but I kinda am. But then, I get obsessive about cleaning.

Random Quotes I rather like
* Marx, Karl - "Go on, get out! Last words are for fools who haven't said enough!"
* Aldous Huxley - "An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex."
* Mark Twain - "Man: a creature made at the end of the week's work when God was tired"
* Rebecca West - "People always call me a feminst wheneve I express feelings that distinguish me from a doormat"

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