Princess Tebride (princess_tebrid) wrote,
Princess Tebride

I went to the shop and I bought...*


Ok, update!

Thank ya for inviting me Beffy-poos! Twas great fun! :oD Shall have to be repeated up at mine next times! I'm finking, that next time, for all the non-vagina possessing ones, there should be a test to see if it was just God being mean with the apparatus and that...

Basically, if they think like a girl, we could THINK about letting them come. But it has to be decided by the full committee. Or else I think Ian may murder me; apparently I'm being sexist.

Anyway, great fun! :o) Lets just not mention the kareoke though.

* Anchovies
Bannanarama CD
Egalitarian named George
Former Eugoslavian Republic
Hunchback named Quasimodo
Icelandic prisoner of war
Jackal from Primark
Kickboxing monk from Tibet
Midget from Pakistan, who was on the set of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but isn't actually an umpa-lumpa, he's just an umpa-lumpa's sex toy. He's 37, and has 3 and a half kids, one of who was crossed with a rabbit, then social services got involved around allegations of child pornography and beastiality
Oblong vibrator
Pisspot used by Queens throughout the ages
Quantum Leap DVD boxset
Rape/Jesus-seed oil field
Steelman/aka Laura's ex boyfriend with the tiny penis.
Trailer Park
Unicorn Nazi
Vladamir of the Third Reich
Window Cleaner called Bob

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